Administrative divisions of Roscamistan

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Administrative divisions
CategoryAdministrative division
Location Roscamistan
Created18 February 2021
PopulationsMervustan (20)
Motofia (2)
National Capital
Special administrative regions

The Administrative divisions of Roscamistan are the sub-national divisions of Roscamistan. The divisions vary in importance, from provinces at the top, to towns at the bottom. Provinces are admitted to and expelled from the Federation by legislation.

Administrative divisions

Flag Arms
Name Area Population Officials
Greater Roscam 79km2 19 Governor Joseph Montgomery
Mervustan 70km2 20 Governor Matthew Tonna
Oranmore 9km2 4 Governor Nyck Bradaten
Galway City 57km2 10 Governor Marco Hasse
Roscam 3km2 7 Administrator Thomas Jacobs
Mayor-President Falcone de Los Santos
Dougiska N/A 4 Administrator Byron Glynn
Mervue N/A 5 Administrator Vacant
Ballybane N/A 1 Administrator Vacant
Terryland N/A 1 Administrator Vacant
Ballybrit N/A 1 Administrator Vacant
Renmore N/A 2 Administrator Michael John Melia
Ballybrit N/A 1 Administrator Vacant
Knocknacarra N/A 1 Administrator Eryk Pilarski
Salthill N/A 0 Administrator Vacant
Roscam N/A 0 Administrator Thomas Jacobs
Mayor-President Falcone de Los Santos
Galway City 57km2 10 Governor Marco Hasse
Overseas territories
Roscami Scotland N/A 1 Military Administrator Fraser MacAoidh
Roscami Seville N/A 3 Administrator Michael Melia
Roscami New York 0.00092903 km2 1 Military Governor Vacant
Roscami New Milton N/A 2 Administrator Lindsey Roberts
Territorial districts
District of New Renmore, Roscami Seville N/A 3 Michael Melia[a]
District of Orange, Roscami Seville N/A 0

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