Presidential Dictatorship

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Presidential Dictatorship is a form of government that acts like a Dictatorship, but it can be different from some. Presidential Dictatorship is not used in North Korea, because the Dictator, Kim Jong-un, claims to be the Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, more commonly known as (the) Supreme Leader, actual holder of title of President of North Korea belongs to Kim Il-sung. it uses a cloak of a democracy, electing representives, electing president, while using corruption or the One-party system.

Usage in Nations

Most Dictatorships use Presidential Dictatorship


Some Historic Dictatorships like Nazi Germany and the Republic of Salò did not incorporate Presidential Dictatorship, for they didn't have the office of president

Usage in Micronaitions

According to Microwiki, Molossia and the Republic of Alexostan uses Presidential Democracy