Permanent Tribunal of Hamburg

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Permanent Court of Hamburg
Tribunalul Permanent Hamburg Romanian
Tribunale Permanente di Amburgo Italian
Tribunalul Permanent Hamburg.png
JurisdictionRepublic of Istriei
LocationHamburg, Istria
Authorized byConstitution
IncumbentStoica Anca-Gabriela
Since12 March 2018

The Permanent Tribunal of Hamburg (Romanian: Tribunalul Permanent Hamburg,Italian: Tribunale Permanente di Amburgo) is Istria's supreme court, and the court of last resort. It is the equivalent of France's Cour de Cassation and serves a similar function to other courts of cassation around the world.

Naming History

It held various names during its existence: "Inalta Curtea a Judecatorilor Rafinati"(High Court of Exquisit Justices), "Curtea Suprema a Majestatii Sale"(Supreme Court of Her Majesty), "Tribunalul Suprem al Poporului"(Popular Supreme Tribunal) during the Imperialist and Communist period and "Tribunalul Permanent de la Hamburg" (Permanent Tribunal of Hamburg) today.


The court is led by a president, seconded by a vice-president and the leading council. Since September 2018, its president is Stoica Anca-Gabriela. The general assembly of the court's judges assigns two members for the Superior Council of Magistrature. The same assembly approves the annual activity report (released publicly) and the budget of the institution.

According to the law, "The president, the vice-president and the section presidents of the High Court of Cassation and Justice are named by the President of Istria, at the proposal of the Superior Council of Magistrature, out of the judges of the High Court that have worked in at this instance for at least two years". The term lasts for three years, with the possibility of being renewed once.

List of Court Presidents

No. Name Term start Term end
Permanent Tribunal of Hamburg
1 Pleseanu Alexandru 2005 2010
2 Plescu Adrian 2010 2015
3 Alexandrescu Sorina 2015 2018
4 Stoica Anca Gabriela 2018 incumbent

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