Pavlovian Minister-President election, 2018

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Pavlovian Minister-President election, 2018

25–27 April 2018
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Candidate Denys F. Tezdzhanenko Kristijan K. Nevtonenko
Party Batkivshchyna Independent
Running mate Krishtof S. Drakonov None
Percentage 75% 25%

Minister-President before election

Post created

Elected Minister-President

Denys Tezdzhanenko


On 22 March 2018, Tsar and Grand Prince Alexander Feofanovič IV announced his resignation and plans were made to reform Pavlov into a democratic system.[1] The Pavlovian Veche appointed a two-member provisional government to govern the country until a new government formed. In addition to this, the Constitutional Commission of Pavlov was established to draft a new republican constitution for Pavlov.

Following the completion of the draft constitution, the provisional government held a nation referendum on its acceptance. The constitution was approved by 71.4% of voters.[2] The new constitution established the position of Minister-President, its powers and the method of elections.



Tezdzhanenko-Drakonov campaign

In an interview with Tezdzhanenko's running mate Drakonov, Drakonov stated that the government should take strict measures against leftist ideologies and maintain transparency and availability to it’s citizens.[3]

Nevtonenko campaign

In an interview with the Pavlovian Pravda, Nevtonenko stated that he would seek to make Pavlov independent and self-sufficient if elected and his end goal was to make Pavlov a "micronational superpower".[4] He also stated during the interview his support for working to minimise foreign interference within Pavlovian internal affairs. In regards to his decision to run as an independent candidate, Nevtonenko said that it was too early for him to "choose sides".

Opinion polls