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Types of government

Pavlism is the state ideology of Daljam. Pavlism is radical pan-totalitarian ideology that advocates for revolutionary union of far left and radical right. This union would unite micronation in form of revolutionary nationalism, where revolution is integral part of tradition. Leadership would be several individuals who would have same goal, to protect the revolution, and but they would compeat for power, forcing them to find better solutions in order to get popular support. However there would be Autocrat of Revolution, person who is beyond leadership struggle, and he coordinate actions of government in best interest of micronation. Pavlism also advocates for spreading micronationalism to other online communities, to brake status quo of liberal and conservative domination that according to Pavlism, is leading community into decay. Micronationalism would be spread to all kind communities to create far more interesting and chaotic community, and from struggle of new micronations, proggress would be made.