New European chancellory election, February 2012

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Chancellory election, February 2012
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  File:Eric Perez.png Caroline K 2010.jpg
Nominee Eric Perez Caroline Kalayjian
Party Socialist Nationalist
Home state Illinois Aiken
Popular vote 7 9
Percentage 44% 56%

Chancellor before election

Eric Perez


Caroline Kalayjian

The New European chancellory election of February 2012 was the second and most recent election for the office of the Imperial Chancellor, held between February 1 and February 25, 2012. Eric Perez was eligible for a second term as Chancellor, was nominated by the Socialist Party for the election of which he accepted. Aiken Prime Minister Caroline Kalayjian had been announced as the candidate for the Nationalist Party. The election concluded with Caroline Kalayjian being elected as the first female chancellor in New European history.


The campaign began on February 1, 2011 with a formal presentation of the policies and government proposals being presented before the Reichstag and a pledge made by both candidates to compete for the office fairly without using smear tactics. By February 10 the candidates had made their intensions public if elected Chancellor.

Nationalist campaign

Kalayjian stated that she would not halt or reverse any changes made in New Europe since June 2011. As always the Imperial Army has expressed its support of the candidate however she hasn't said if she endorses expansionism or not. Kalayjin says she would take a hard line against anyone who tries to minimize New Europe's positive community contributions. She also intends to introduce minor amendments to constitution, particularly in the organization of the Reichstag. As well as the reintroduction of national holidays.

Socialist campaign

The Perez campaign said that the incumbent Chancellor had done the best job at reforming the empire in the eyes of the commmunity. He also said that New Europes reforms into a full micronational democracy are complete. And that it is ready to take full part in community activities once more. If re-elected he would have continued his unbias opinion, submit to the will of the Reichstag, and lead New Europe to a new age of prosperity.


The final tally of total votes counted for the election was 16, equalling a 100% voter turnout. Kalayjian won 9 votes equalling to 56 percent of the national population. Although Perez only received 7 votes he said the election was fair and that he will return to the Reichstag to put forth legislation and run again next time.

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