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State of Monomew
Capital Monomew
Largest city Monomew
 - Total 1250 sq meters
 - Total 13 (398)

N/A (founding state of Klaise) (1st)

Autocrat Vincent Schandleire

Monomew is a state of the Autocracy of Klaise located in the south of Klaise. Monomew has always been the most prominent state in Klaise's history, as it contains the capitol city of Monomew, and is home to 66% of Klaise's population. Monomew contains the largest city in Klaise, which is Monomew. Along with Geoxe, Monomew has districts which are mainly used for analytics, but some districts like the four districts that make up the urban core of Monomew function as incorporated cities.


The city was named after the population of cats that ran around the city. They came up to the autocrat's door and only meowed once as a plea to be fed. This resulted in the Latin prefix meaning one joining with the "mew", an onomatopoeia of a quiet meow of a cat.


It has been tradition for the Head Autocrat to also serve as the State Autocrat for Monomew. This is because the capitol of Klaise is Monomew, and Monomew has been the home state of every Head Autocrat so far.


According to the 390 census, Monomew has 13 citizens. 38% are female, and 62% are male. 38% of the population are white, 30% are black, and 21% are other races.