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County of Klaise State
Smokia's highland scenery
Smokia's highland scenery
Smokia County in Klaise State
Smokia County in Klaise State
StateKlaise State
Largest townDertyr
NamedMay 2009
PurchasedApril 2020
 • Duke of KlaiseVincent I
410 m (1,350 ft)
 • Total0
Time zoneUTC-5
 • Summer (DST)-4

Smokia is a county in Klaise State, in Klaise. The county is primarily mountainous with the southeast of the county being on a mountain, and the northern part of the county being in the Smokia Gorge.

The county was named after Smokey, a black cat who would follow explorers into the area.

The Totarbor area, in the north of the county, has many temporary ponds that fill with water. The western border of Smokia County, with Umberjualde County, is the Smokia River, a stream that runs for a few days after it has rained.

The Dertyr area is in the Smokia Gorge, in the south of the county.


The area began being explored in 2009. Dertyr, a settlement, was established in 2011.

In 2016, Route 45 was made from Saukrame to Dertyr as a more direct route, giving the area more value. In 2017, Route 45 was continued into Felisenke County, to Cervos Bridge. The legal land owners would use a post in northern Smokia County to correspond with Klaisans. This area would become the settlement of Totarbor, named for the numerous dead trees that are still standing in the area.

After the legal purchase of the area in 2020, it was found that a lot of land Klaise never used before was purchased that would have been part of Smokia County. It was decided this remaining land west of the Smokia River would be a new county, Umberjualde County.


Road 45 goes through the county, north to Felisenke County's Cervos Bridge. This road serves the settlements of Dertyr and Totarbor.

Road 30 goes east from Dertyr, across Road 45, on a scenic mountain road to Isciler in Scipler County.


  • Dertyr
  • Totarbor