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County of Klaise State
Stone bridge at Geoxeton
Stone bridge at Geoxeton
Geoxe County in Klaise State
Geoxe County in Klaise State
StateKlaise State
Largest townSaukrame
SettledDecember 1994
FormedNovember 2015
 • Duke of KlaiseVincent I
420 m (1,370 ft)
 • Total0
Time zoneUTC-5
 • Summer (DST)-4

Geoxe (/dʒoksʌ/) is a county in Klaise State, in Klaise. The county is the country's main industrial area, with the industrial town Saukrame being in the county. The county is the smallest county by area in Klaise State.

Geoxe was historically considered a populous place in the Monomiu metro area, but the recent census, Census 490, no longer recognizes cats and dogs as citizens of the country, so Geoxe's current population is 0. In Census 450 (2020), the population was 7.

Because of Klaisan orthography, it's been a debated topic to change Geoxe's spelling to the more accurate Dsokse, but this change hasn't been made so far.

In the county is a stream that sometimes flows with water, called the Geoxe River. The county is completely surrounded by Klaisan territory.


Geoxe is part of the original parcel of land that was settled in 1994.

In 2010, November County was formed in the Geoxe River area, and Aushafen had its own county. Both these counties were in the current Geoxe County area. In 2015, these counties were combined to form Geoxe County. At the time, this area was very developed.

From 2010 to 2016, there was a lake in the Geoxeton area. It was drained because of water quality issues.

In 2018, a rabbit farm opened in Saukrame, and the town of Saukrame was officially founded. In 2020, the scrublands between Geoxe and Scipler County were removed.


Road 45 goes from Monomiu to Saukrame, then north to Dertyr in Smokia County.

Road 55 goes from Geoxeton to Isciler in Scipler County.

Road 20 goes a short distance from Saukrame to Geoxeton.


  • Saukrame
  • Geoxeton
  • Aushafen