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County of Klaise State
Umberjualde's wetlands
Umberjualde's wetlands
Umberjualde County in Klaise State
Umberjualde County in Klaise State
StateKlaise State
PurchasedApril 2020
FormedMay 2020
 • Duke of KlaiseVincent I
350 m (1,160 ft)
 • Total0
Time zoneUTC-5
 • Summer (DST)-4

Umberjualde is a county in Klaise State, in Klaise. The county is entirely forested, with a large evergreen forest in the south and wetlands in the north. The county was formed after a legal purchase of the area. The area is very isolated and continues to have zero development by Klaise. It is served by zero routes and has zero settlements.

Many Klaisans believe the area is creepy and refuse to visit or develop the county.

The wetlands in the north are prone to flash flooding, discouraging development in that area.


The county was formed to keep Smokia County from having a huge amount of land that is not historically associated with it, and to even out the sizes of counties in the area. Previously, Smokia County was by far the largest county in Klaise State.

The county's name comes from Latin umber for dark, and German wald for forest, in reference to the large, dense evergreen forest in the south of the county. The county's name was changed to Klaisan orthography in March 2022, as the letter W does not exist in the Klaisan language.

In 2017, the area was briefly visited by explorers and was called the Bompois. A settlement named Diluvame is near Umberjualde County, but it is outside of Klaise's claims entirely. The northern part of the county is associated with Diluvame historically.


No routes currently serve the county.