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County of Klaise State
Coat of arms of Felisenke
Felisenke County in Klaise State
Felisenke County in Klaise State
StateKlaise State
Largest townDeilton
Established as CervosiaFebruary 2016
PurchasedApril 2020
 • Duke of KlaiseVincent I
360 m (1,180 ft)
 • Total0
DemonymsFelisenkan, Northern
Time zoneUTC-5
 • Summer (DST)-4

Felisenke is a county in Klaise State, in Klaise. The county is very rural, forested and isolated in the northern territory of Klaise State. Its main attraction is the Cervosia River, a prominent source of fresh water. The entire county is in a valley surrounded by steep hills. Temperatures in Felisenke County are routinely warmer than at higher altitudes, due to being 200 feet lower than southern Klaise State.


The area was explored regularly beginning in 2012. The creek, Cervosia River, was the main attraction of the area. A settlement was created in February 2016 called Vinsford. The area was officially claimed as Cervosia despite not being legally part of Klaise. Cervosia gets its name from cervos, meaning deer, as a reference to the high number of deer living in the area. In April 2016, the legal owners of the area discouraged settlement of the area, leaving it abandoned.

A second settlement was attempted in 2017, at a site of a wooden bridge, Cervos Bridge. This settlement had the same fate as the first one. In 2020, the area was purchased and incorporated as Felisenke County.

In 2021, a settlement was established, called Deilton, at the extreme northeast corner of Klaise's legal territory where the Cervosia River is inside Klaise's borders.

Felisenke County gets its name for the numerous ferns that grow in the valleys, thus "leafy valley" in Klaisan. Felisenke and Felixshire share similar names, although they are from two different origins.


Road 55 goes south to Isciler in Scipler County, which then connects to Geoxe County and the rest of southern Klaise State.

Road 40 goes from Deilton to the west, to Umberjualde County.