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County of Klaise State
Isciler Tower
Isciler Tower
Scipler County in Klaise State
Scipler County in Klaise State
StateKlaise State
Largest townIsciler
Established as SciplerFebruary 2016
PurchasedApril 2020
 • Duke of KlaiseVincent I
410 m (1,350 ft)
 • Total0
Time zoneUTC-5
 • Summer (DST)-4

Scipler is a county in Klaise State, in Klaise. The county is primarily forested, rural and mountainous, with a few grasslands in the south. It is where the terrain goes from a high elevation to a low one towards the north. Scipler County's main settlement is Isciler, a once thriving location in Klaise.

The county's eastern border has a quad-point between the United States, Felisenke County, and Felixshire County. Technically, Scipler County is completely surrounded by Klaisan territory.

The county's climate is unique for it's position to wind chill from the valley it overlooks. Isciler can be a bit colder than the rest of the country, regardless of season, making it a popular summer destination.

It is known that this area is the Duke of Klaise, Vincent I's favorite place to be.


The area began being explored in 2009, and the south of the county was often visited.

In 2015, the northern parts of Scipler County began being visited, although a settlement hadn't been established yet.

In 2016, Scipler City was founded, with a small storage shed being built to store wood. Later on, the city would be renamed Isciler. In 2017, a tower was built and the storage shed was demolished.

In 2020, deforestation of southern Scipler County made the entire county less desirable for development due to the destruction of its natural scenery. Today, the county remains a relevant part of Klaise.


Road 55 goes from the south to Isciler, then goes north to Felisenke County.

Road 30 goes west from the bottom of Scipler Gorge, up a huge incline to Isciler, then to Smokia County in the west along a scenic area on the northern edge of a mountain.