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Claim of Autocratic States of Klaise
Founded7th May 2007
Area51.6 acre
GovernmentAutocracy of Klaise
AutocratDeilweid Schandleire

Felixshire is a state in the Autocratic States of Klaise. The state has two counties and two cities.


Felixshire is a 'cluster' in history with it's foreign territories. It was first founded as Klaisenbourough as a territory of the Empire of Accesia. When Accesia went inactive, the area was annexed by Klaise and was named Felixshire. During the existance of Klaisenborough, a settlement named Sandlinstadt was made. It was abandoned for two years and when Felixshire was constructed, the city was set on fire and there were new houses to be built. This city turned into Ocelepolis. Citizens looking for work made a camp by the DS Creek at the Felixshire/Tigress boarder. This turned into a mining town named Vermontz.


Felixshire's population is 2 residents. The whole state is Caucasian as Klaise is all Caucasian.

Cities by Population

  • Ocelepolis
  • Vermontz


Felixshire is in the steep region of Klaise. It is very steep in the uninhabited north and is somewhat smooth in the south. A small meadow with Ocelepolis in it was made in result from logging in the area. The only roads in the area is Felixshire Parkway that serves Vermontz and Ocelepolis. The other road is Speedway 2 that ends in Ocelepolis.

Due to Ocelepolis' link to the nation's most major road, Speedway 2, resulted in the city having 6 residents. Vermontz, on the other hand, is not too near Speedway 2 but is on a very steep hill.

State Charter

The State Charter of Felixshire is unique because for one, Felixshire is the only state with a charter. Also, Felixshire bans tobacco and alcohol. The charter is even more unique because it determines the boarders of Felixshire. Felixshire can never change it's boarders. The boarders are a complete 90 degree square except the western boarder. The boarder runs along DS Creek until it flows into Waldschnecheland.