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The MOF Checkers World Rankings is a ranking system for national teams in association checkers, currently led by Millania. The teams of the member nations of the MOF, micronational sports world governing body, are ranked based on their game results with the most successful teams being ranked highest. The rankings were introduced in 2019, and only two teams (Phyrria and Millania) have held the top position.


2019 Randouler Rank

On July 23, 2019, Nicholas Randouler, head organizer of the first checker's tournament published the first ranking after this competition. The calculation method is then unknown. Other partial ranking had been made in advance of this competition for the group matches.

2020 updates

When preparing the second MOF Checkers Tournament, Nicholas Randouler, now President of the MOF and Babou Chkaya President of Occitania, organizer of the event had worked to establish as a qualification standard the rank of members. Thus, only the strongest teams would participate in this restricted competition. After the death of Nicholas Randouler, Babou Chkaya continued the work of calculating the results taking into account the results of the 2019 MOF Checkers Tournament, the 2020 MOF Games, the 2020 Occitanian Checkers League and friendly matches. This time the calculation method is linked to a mathematical formula which transcribes the score in points.

Rank leaders

Due to the absence of a ranking calculation between the 2019 MOF Checkers Tournament in July 2019 and June 2020, it is through the calculation work done chronologically by Babou Chkaya that it was possible to establish the different firsts of the rankings.

Dates Micronation Number of days
Phyrriaflag.png Phyrria 23 July 2020 [a] - 10 March 2020 [b] 231
 Union of Millania and New Granada 10 March 2020 [c] - present -

Calculation method

The calculation method is inspired by the one used by the FIFA for its ranking between 2006 and 2018. The factors taken into account are as follows: match result, match status, opposition strength and regional strength.

P = M × I × T × C × 100

Using the following factors:

  • Valuation of the match result (M)

3 points for a victory
0 points for a defeat

  • Importance of the match (I)

1 point for a friendly match or small tournament
2.5 points for a league or qualifiers matches
3 points for the final stages of the competitions
4 points for the final phase of a major competition

  • Value of the opponent according to his world ranking (T)

Value of opponent T = (number of ranked nations - the rank of the opponent / 100 )

  • Regional coefficient (C)

The confederation coefficient is the average of the regional coefficient of the two opposing teams: Confederation coefficient C = ( Team 1 coefficient + Team 2 coefficient / 2)

North America and Europe : 1
Asia and Pacific Regions : 0,85
Rest of the World: 0,50

Curent Ranking

Rank Micronation Points
1  Union of Millania and New Granada 295
2 Phyrriaflag.png Phyrrian 264
3 Flag of the Gymnasium State.svg Gymnasium State 225
4 FlagOfAbrelandOfficial.jpeg Arbreland 188
5  Posaf 173
6 Jacktopian Flag.jpg Jacktopia 104
7 FlagUNOc.png Nova-Occitania 75
8 Tesforia Flag.png Tesforia 37
9  Ladonia 27
10 Flag of Atovia.svg Atovia 22
11 Flag of Aenopia.svg Aenopia 7
12[d] Others[e] 0


July 2019

Rank Micronation
1 Phyrriaflag.png Phyrrian
2  Union of Millania and New Granada
3 Flag of the Gymnasium State.svg Gymnasium State
4  Posaf
5  Ladonia
6  Union of Nova-Occitania
7 FlagOfAbrelandOfficial.jpeg Arbreland
8  Iustus
9 Wennew1.png Wenonah
10 Quietrockflag.png Quietrock


  1. First ranking published by Nicholas Randouler.
  2. End of the end of the 2020 MOF Games.
  3. End of the end of the 2020 MOF Games.
  4. Rank used in the calculation formula when a nation plays for the first time.
  5. Any other nation having participated in a match while being a member of the MOF.