Foreign relations of Würdigeland

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Würtige Empire

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Würdigeland's foreign policy is friendly. The Empire of Würdigeland always wants to meet Nations with similar Values.

Recognised as Macronations

Flag of the United Nations.svg All United Nations members

Recognised as Sovereign Entities

"*" Indicates a treaty has been signed

Grand Unified Micronational

Würdigeland is a former member of the Grand Unified Micronational and the abolished Advancement Council.

Persona Non Grata

Due to some aggressive behavior by some parties against the Würtige Nation, Emperor Arthur I approved a law that allowed the parliament to vote people the status of Persona Non Grata. This prevents them from entering the Nation, and cuts all official communication between the state and said person.

List of Personas Non Gratas

  • Caio Mallmann - For insulting and threatening to do terrorist acts within the nations territory.

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