Parliament of Würdigeland

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Würdigeland's Parliament

Parlamento de Würdigeland
I Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
HousesHouse of Lords (Casa dos Lordes)
House of Commons (Casa dos Comuns)
President of the House of Lords
Vacant, TPW
since September 2012
President of the House of Commons
Vacant, TPW
since -
Seats8 MPs (Senadores/Deputados)
House of Lords political groups
  Technocratic Party of Würdigeland (5)
  Labour Party (1)
  Independent (3)
House of Lords last election
June 2012
Meeting place
House of the Parliament (official)
Various online venues

The Parliament of Würdigeland (Portuguese: Parlamento de Würdigeland) is the main legislative body and national assembly of the Empire of Würdigeland. Initially established as a Bicameral legislature, it is now composed of the Superior House, known as the House of Lords (Portuguese:Casa dos Lordes), and also the Lower House, known as House of Commons (Casa dos Comuns).

According to the Würdigeland's Constitution, "the deputies to the House of Commons are elected in free, equal and secret elections. They are representatives of the whole people, and are not bound by orders and instructions. While the House of Lords consists of Leader of States, Ministers and Elected Personnel from The House of Commons."

The Parliament was established by the Emperor Arthur on June 10, 2012, and today constitutes the 2nd Legislature (Portuguese: IIa Legislatura) which was inaugurated on August 9, 2012.

Powers and Duties

House of Lords

The House of Lords pass all the major Bills, Changes to the Constitution and Major Projects. Since it is made up from Governors, Ministers and Personnel from the House of Commons, it is Fairly democratic, While maintaining the Technocratic Principles.

House of Commons

The House of Commons is in charge of proposing laws and acts, It is made up from citizens, Their personnel is elected in intervals of 3 months. Members of the House of Commons can be elected to the House of Lords.


House of Lords

The House of Lords currently consists of 4 members. They vote on economic, military and diplomatic decisions, It is made up from governors, Ministers and elected personnel from the House of Commons.

There are three types of assemblymen:

  • Presidents (or Governors): leaders of Würtige States, who have been elected by their citizens in the Imperial elections.
  • Ministers: Ministers elected by the government, Who can share their opinion here.
  • Elected personnel from the House of Commons: members who were exceptional or influential can be elected for the House of Lords.

There currently isn't a President of the House of Lords, There will be an election to choose another one.

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