Otávio Mangini

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Otávio Mangini
Official Portrait of Otávio Mangini, August 2012
2nd Prime Minister of the Empire of Würdigeland
Assumed office:
September 20th, 2012
Predecessor Piero Kaiser
Minister of Foreign Intelligence of the Empire of Würdigeland
Assumed office:
March, 2012
Predecessor Office formed
Personal information
Political party Technocratic Party of Würdigeland
Religion Catholic

Otávio Mangini, Prime Minister of the Technocratic Empire of Würdigeland (born 3 September 1997, São Paulo) is the current Prime Minister of The Empire of Würdigeland


Early years

Otávio was born in São Paulo and grew up attending the same school that Arthur I attended. They developed quite a bond, and Otávio showed great interest to Würdigeland's creation.

Würdigeland Years

He was chosen to be the Minister of Foreign Intelligence because he had a lot of links with informants and influential people, he was later chosen to replace Piero Kaiser as Prime Minister