Politics of the Würtige Empire

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Würtige Empire

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Politics and government of
The Würtige Empire


The Government of the Würtige Empire or the Imperial Government takes place in the framework of a technocratic elective monarchy, whereby the Emperor of Würdigeland is the head of state. The executive power and the Central legislative power are vested in the Imperial Council.

Political developments

The Würtige Empire is a technocracy. It's Council is composed of Leaders of Member states, as well as Ministers.

Imperial Government


The Third Imperial Constitution of The Würtige Empire established a Council system, headed by the Emperor and State leaders, that deliberates in both legislative and executive issues.

Member States

Member States of the Empire have their Independent governments with varied political systems.

Würtige Capital

The Capital state has a parliament, composed of elected members of the Community.

Head of State and Government

Wurdigeland Flag.jpg Emperor of Würdigeland Wurdigeland Flag.jpg
Kaiser der Würtige
Oficial Portrait.JPG
Arthur Lobão
Formation: 1 February 2012
Term length: Lifetime
Inaugural holder: Arthur Lobão

As the head of state, the Emperor of Würdigeland is the principal symbol of the Empire. He represents hope, peace and knowledge seeking at all times. The Emperors position is an elected position, to overthrow the Emperor, one of the members of the Grand Assembly must introduce a Motion of No Confidence, which requires 3/4 Supports to be considered legal.

Wurdigeland Flag.jpg Prime Minister of Würdigeland Wurdigeland Flag.jpg
Premierminister der Würtige
Portrait Otavio.jpg
Otávio Mangini
Formation: 6 June 2012
Term length: 3 months
Inaugural holder: Piero Kaiser

As head of the government, the Prime Minister of Würdigeland is responsible, alongside the Emperor, for the internal administration of the country.

Administrative Divisions

The Würtige Empire is made up from 4 States: Würdigeland, Nolland, Burnham and New Winterdown

List of provinces of Würdigeland

Province Photo Burgomeister Political Party Elected/Appointed

Wurdigestadt Oficial Flag.jpgWürdigestadts
Oficial Portrait.JPG Arthur Lobão TPW February 1, 2012

Ottoburg Official Flag.jpgOttoburg
Oficial Portrait.JPG Arthur Lobão TPW July 10, 2012

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