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Armed Forces of the Würtige Empire

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Imperial Armed Forces
Kaiserlichen Legionen
Wurdigeland War Flag.jpg
War flag
Founded February 1, 2012
Current form February 1, 2012
Service branches Wurdigeland Army Banner.jpg Army
Würdigeland Naval jack.png Navy
Supreme Commander Emperor Arthur
Minister of Defense Vacant
Chief of staff Thomas Cassidy
Military age 13
Active personnel 11
Reserve personnel 4
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The Kaiserlichen Legionen (German for "Imperial Legions") comprises the unified armed forces of Würdigeland and their civil administration and procurement authorities. The States of Würdigeland are not allowed to maintain armed forces of their own, since the matters of defense fall into the sole responsibility of the Imperial government.



The Würtige military was established the day after Würdigeland was declared an independent micronation. Its original purpose was meant for only protecting the Emperor and other heads of state. But as time passed all active military began training and preparing for possible wars.

Service Branches