Imperial Navy of the Würtige Empire

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Imperial Navy
Würdigeland Naval jack.png
Navy Jack
Active 2012 - 2012
Country Würdigeland
Role Naval force
Size 5 active personnel
Headquarters None official
Motto Für König und Vaterland
Anniversaries February 10, 2012
Grand Admiral Vacant
Piero Kaiser

The Imperial Navy (Königsmarine) is the sea branch of the Armed Forces of Würdigeland.

Origins of the Imperial Navy of New Europe

The Imperial Navy of Würdigeland, or (I.N.W), was founded initially by the Emperor Arthur I with his 4 ships. Two being kayaks a Jet-ski and a transformed fishing boat.

Current Organization

Currently, there isn't a Grand Admiral.


The headquarters of the Imperial Navy was located in Palmeburg. The government is working in relocating the Navy's headquarters.

Artistic representation of the Navy, By Piero Kaiser


Name Headquarters Status
Würdigeland Naval jack.png First Royal Navy Squadron Moving Inactive