Rebel State of Palmeburg

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Rebel State of Palmeburg
Palmeburg Oficial Flag.jpg

Per mare, ad victoria (Latin: By the sea, to Victory)
- Ruling LordLord Piero Kaiser
Area claimed1km²
Population7 (as of 2012 census)
Time zoneUTC-3
This nation is a rebel state of Würdigeland

The Rebel State of Palmeburg was a Colony founded on 2012 by HIH Arthur I and Premier Piero Kaiser from Würdigeland, It became independent in the September Secession War. It is Located in Guarujá, Brazil.


Palmeburg has great fishing industries, as well as a developed Sea port. It benefits fully from it's ports and knowledge about fishing. It is also a big trade center, which attracts many fishers and Boat Merchants.


Palmeburg upholds German Ideals and civilized behaviour, Given it's coastal enviroment, Extreme sports are widely popular, as well as deep sea fishing and it has greatly developed restaurants, and tourist centers.

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