Würdigeland's May Crisis

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Würdigeland's May Crisis was a dispute between HIM Arthur I and The Prime Minister Wiggle Gaw Gadowd. Wiggle Gaw Gadowd had some problems with the country's goals, Which were resolved after a week.

Wiggle Gaw Gadowd's Claims

  • Stronger sense of comradeship.
  • More focus in Education.
  • Creation of a Ministry of Propaganda.
  • Foundation of a society for the moderation of Laws and Values.

After the negotiations the following were agreed on:

  • Investment on Education.
  • Call for the National Assembly of the Creation of an Elite Task Force.

The Revolution days

During the days in which Wiggle Gaw Gadowd had been separated from the Empire, He turned West Würdigestadt in the Capital of the defunct Empire of Dark, Which never got past development.

Some small diplomatic efforts were made from Würdigeland to reconcile the two states, Which ultimately led to the unification Negotiations.