Department of Education (Hinata)

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Department of Education of Hinata
Ministry overview
Formed16 February 2010
HeadquartersChûô, Hinata
Minister responsible

The Department of Education (文教局, Bunkyô Kyoku) is the Hinata government area that directs the culture and education in the country.

Hinata Broadcasting

The Department of Education manages the national TV channel, Hinata Broadcasting, and the minister is a national jury for the Hinata Island Music Festival and the Microvision Song Festival. Also, the minister and the Hinata National Assembly decides the programmation of the TV channel.

Teach of Japanese language

Basic school levels

Year Level Name
6 1st Elementary School (小学校)
7 2nd Elementary School (小学校)
8 3rd Elementary School (小学校)
9 4th Elementary School (小学校)
10 5th Elementary School (小学校)
11 6th Elementary School (小学校)
12 1st Secondary School (中学校)
13 2nd Secondary School (中学校)
14 3rd Secondary School (中学校)


List of ministers

# Picture Name Took office Left office Party Head of the cabinet
1 Ferena Nakajima
Winter, Year I Spring 29, Year III Nichiren Democratic Party Tarô Nakajima
2 Pierre Nikaidô
Spring 29, Year III In office Liberal Democratic Party Tarô Nakajima,
Masahiro Cheng