Dave I of Davetopia

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  His Royal Majesty
Dave Gomez

King and Representative of Davetopia
 King of Davetopia and their Representative to Confederation Congress
  Reign Began
5 May 2010
Congress  1st and 2nd Congress of the Confederation of Awesome
Heir Apparent: Christopher Wilworth
Preceded by: Throne Established
Succeeded by: Incumbent
 King of Davetopia-Emiri
Assumed office:
1 January 2010
Co-Monarch Emilee Richards
Preceded by: Office Established
Succeded by: Incumbent
    King of Nonsense/Nickoli
 Assumed office:
1 January 2010
Preceded by: Office Established
Succeded by: Nick Brown
Personal information
 Born:  1995/1996 (age 25–26)
Residence: Davetopia City, Confederation of Awesome
Religion:  Christian

His Royal Majesty Dave Gomez is the current Monarch and Representative of Davetopia. In the past, he was one of the two joint-monarchs of the Dual Monarchy of Davetopia and Emiri.

Dual Monarchy

Dave Gomez created the Dual Monarchy of Davetopia and Emiri along with Emilee Richards on January 1, 2010. He was a signator of the Davetopia-Emirite Declaration of Independence. Davetopia originally consisted of the Kingdom of Awesome and the Kingdom of Nonsense, which were held in a personal union by Dave I. However, on Feburary 1st, 2010, he gave up the title of King of Nonsesne to Nick Brown. Nonsense was, nonetheless, still a consituent of Davetopia. As support for the dual monarchy dwindled, King Dave wrote Section Two of the Declaration of Confederation, which largely dealt with the new government. It was Dave Gomez who originally feilded the idea of creating a third province for the Confederation, with Richards agreed to. Nonsense was split from Davetopia upon the signing of the Declaration. Today this province is known as Nickoli.

Confederation of Awesome


Gomez had a key role in the early days of the Confederation of Awesome, given that he was Monarch and Representative of the nation’s largest province. He played a major role in the Samian Annexation, however, tensions began to surface as his province was no longer the largest or most populous in the nation. To circumvent this setback, Gomez spearheaded provincial efforts to increase the Davetopian economy, creating jobs and allowing business easy acess to loans. Largely due to Gomez’ efforts, the Davetopian economy is still the strongest in the Confederation.


King Dave was in favor of declaring war on the Southern Union in September 2010. However, he was largely outvoted by the pacifists Brendon Weston and Emilee Richards, until the Southern Union declared war on the Confederation in November 2010. He personally served in one of the battles of the war.


Since the end of the war, assisted in the writing of the Constitution of the Confederation of Awesome, and acted in favor of provincial equality and monarchism. Since then, he headed the creation of the Confederation Dollar and the national Treasury. He has supported partition of Samia due to its high population, but agreed to the First Amendment of the Constitution as a compromise.


King Dave I has been described as both a political moderate and a libertarian. He is the most anti-partisan of any of the Representatives to Confederation Congress, rallying against the creation of political parties or titles since the nation’s creation. He is in favor of marijuana legalization, against gun control, and is pro-life. In foreign policy, he believes in war when a nation is threatened or attacked by another, but is strongly anti-imperialist. He is a young-earth creationist non-denominational Protestant.


Gomez’s traditional title is “His Royal Majesty.” So, in full, he would be referred to as “His Royal Majesty, King Dave Gomez, Monarch and Representative of Davetopia.” This is used for all other positions and offices he holds, and is kept for life.