Dallingrad national football team

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CR Dallingrad national football team was founded on the 16th of November 2010. It has joined the Virtual Soccer Micronational League that same day. It is run by Football Association of CR Dallingrad.

CR Dallingrad National Football team
Cr dallingrad kit.png
Home kit
Official Name:The Communist Republic of Dallingrad National football team
Nickname:Hammer and Sickles
Player-Manager:Ewan Whitmore
Stadium:The Rec, Melton
Tournaments Played:0
First Match:against DPRT.pngTiana 4-3
Biggest Win:against DPRT.pngTiana 4-3
Biggest Defeat:against WestAfricanUSSR.pngWest African USSR 1-5
MFA Rank:N/A

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