Centrist Party (New Europe)

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New European Centrist Party
Neueuropäische Zentrumspartei
ChairmanJorge Contreras
FoundedMarch 24, 2010
Youth wingN/A
Membership (2011)2
IdeologyCentrism, Self-defense Militarism, Republicanism, Multiracialism, Syndicalism.
Political positionSyncretic
ColorsEmerald green
Seats in the Reichstag
0 / 11

The Centrist Party is one of the contemporary political parties in New Europe. Founded as a break-away party from the Nationalist's. The party's platform is generally considered center in the New European political spectrum. It hopes to serve as a moderation of left and right ideologies in New Europe. It believes in a balanced and mutually benificial society for all men and woman, regardless of class or race. They are also the first group allowed in New Europe's national politics that advocate for a republican system.


The centrists party is the only party that openly advocates transforming New Europe into a republic. It claims that the monarchy has flirted with absolute power far to many times sense it was formed and does not represent the nation well enough. It also promotes a type of militarism they call self defense militarism, in which the nation builds and strengthens its military but will never use it unless attacked first. This party is also the first to encourage multiracialism in which the country promotes a society composed of various ethnic groups.