Aarbarian federal election, September 2017

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The First Aarbarian federal election is scheduled to take place 11 September 2017, following the Aarbarian Parliament passing of the Voting Act, allowing citizens to run for seats in parliament, as ministers, and even as the Second Leader, the deputy to the First Leader.

This election allows for Aarbarian citizens to vote for minsters, who represents their states, and the deputy of the First Leader for the first time in history, but it clogged individual people running for multiple positions due to the small size of the empire.


The September 2017 election will be the first federal elections, after the passing of the Voting Act by the Aarbarian Parliament in order to make Aarbaro more progressive and democratic. People are able to run in name of their party without referring to the party, allowing many possible candidates from a singular party. However, only two individuals have ran for position, which are Nicholas Kaos running for a Seat of Parliament for Pacem, Chief Diplomat, Chancellor of the Treasury, and Minister of Mathematics and Science under the Imperial Socialist Party, while Artemis Langford is running for a Seat of Parliament for the Queendom of Wind River as an Independent.