2021 International Checkers Tournament

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2021 Intermicronational
Olympic Games
Calver 2021 logo.svg
HostWhite, Aenopia
Nations participating9
Athletes participating12
Opening Ceremony3 October 2021
Closing Ceremony10 October 2021
Officially opened byLogan Ross
Preceded byInaugural Games
Succeeded by2022 Checkers Tournament

The 2021 International Checkers Tournament (Welsh: Twrnamaint Gwirwyr Rhyngwladol 2021), also known as White2021, is an upcoming international checkers event hosted by the International Checkers Committee. The tournament was initially scheduled to take place between 16 August to 21 August 2021, however was later postponed to begin on 4 October 2021. The tournament was hosted by the Aenopian settlement of White, with matches being hosted using Boardom.io.[1]

White was selected as the host city on 2 August 2021 during the planning of the games. The tournament was initially conceived in July 2021 as a direct successor to the 2020 MOF Checkers Tournament, which was cancelled following the departure of its main organiser during the 2020 Occitanian Checkers League. The 2021 games are the first event hosted by Aenopia and the first tournament hosted by the International Checkers Committee.


The 2021 International Checkers Tournament was initially influenced by the 2020 MOF Checkers Tournament.

The concept for the tournament was initially conceived in July 2021, partially as a successor to the 2020 MOF Checkers Tournament. This was an international tournament akin to White2021 which was scheduled to have been hosted by Nova-Occitania in August 2020, however was unofficially cancelled following the dissolution of the host on 22 July 2020. In addition to being inspired by the 2020 MOF Checkers Tournament, White2021 was also inspired by the then-ongoing 2020 Summer Olympics, which influenced the idea of an international sporting event hosted by Aenopia.

Host city selection

The city of White was chosen by default by the event organisers, partially due to a lack of an electoral committee at the time. White submitted an unsuccessful bid to host the now-cancelled 2019 OAM Games, whilst also originally being the host city for an unnamed micronational Chess tournament - both bids were influential in the final bid application for host city. Future games will feature a exhaustive ballot system chosen by the International Checkers Committee (ICC) to chose future host cities.

2021 International Checkers Tournament election
City Team Round 1 Runoff Round 2
White[a] Aenopia Default Default Default
Sough Aenopia
New Llandudno Aenopia


Participating nations

As of 5 August 2021, 12 nations have confirmed their participation, represented by 15 athletes. Participating nations are represented by their national teams.


The initial timetable featuring the first bracket was announced by the event organisers on 4 August 2021.

All times and dates use Aenopian Mean Time (UTC+0:40)
OC Opening ceremony Event competitions 1 Semi Finals 2 Finals CC Closing ceremony
October 2021 3
ICC logo.svg Ceremonies OC 2 1 CC
Flag of Aenopia.svg Logan Ross
Tesforia Flag.png Brennan Sullivan
Tesforia Flag.png Owen.109
Northwood-oregon (2).svg Carson Snyder
Northwood-oregon (2).svg Theo Porter
Flag of Ponderosa Hills.svg Leon Montan
Flag of Ponderosa Hills.svg Simbach
Flag of New Pontunia.png Andrew Perdomo
FlorilandFlag.jpeg John Lakes
Atiera flag.svg Christopher Miller
Atiera flag.svg Liam Alexander
Saspearian flag.svg Anthony I
Yu-Xia Republic New Flag.png Matthew Xia
Flag of Indradhanush (September 2021).svg Chandrachur Basu
Revalian flag.png Sander Koff
August 2021 3
Total events


Lesser logo for The Aenopian Hour, the host broadcaster for the event.

The host broadcaster was The Aenopian Hour, an Aenopian-based news and media source.[2] The Aenopian Hour was confirmed as the host broadcaster on 5 August 2021.[3] However, participating nations remain free to provide video and news coverage of the event if requested. Matches will be recorded, edited and published to the Aenopian Hour Youtube channel post-event, whilst the Finals will be livestreamed in addition to editing.

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  1. White was chosen as the host city during an internal nomination process conducted by the Aenopian Government.


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