Woking Defense Systems

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Woking Defense Systems
State-owned company
Founded31st December 2011
FounderDanny Clarke
Area served
Dale Republic
Dale Commonwealth
Productsmilitary aerospace
Defence electronics
Naval vessels
Land warfare systems
OwnerDanny Clarke

Woking Defense Systems, WD Systems or WDS is a defense contractor based in the City of St. John's in the Dale Republic, the company has national interest in the Dale Republic, which supplies the Dale regiments of the Dale Army. Woking Defense Systems is the only defense contractor in the Dale Republic and is the only supplier for the Dale Army. The company was founded on december 31st, 2011 with all of its first projects being handed over having been already started by the Dale Army who were developing water and spring powered long range weapons for the Dale Republic. This list has been expanded to find weapons that can been constructed by Dale allies.


Woking Defense Systems plays a significant role in the production of military equipment for the Dale Republic and offeres less powerful versions for dale allies and the Dale Commonwealth members. WD Systems main production is in army weapons with the exact weapons being developed kept secret and is officially listed unshareable by the Dale Government for micronational security reasons. The unshareable statues of the projects means that no infomation can be shared without being approved by the Dale President and Dale Montering.