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Vermontz, Felixshire
Country Klaise.png Autocratic States of Klaise
Established June 5th, 2010
 - State Autocrat of Felixshire Thomas Sandlin
 - County Autocrat (Vermontz County, Felixshire) Thomas Sandlin
 - County Autocrat (Pacsun County, Tigress) Vacant Position
Population (2014 Klaisese Census)
 - Total 6
Demonym Vermontzer
Time zone UTC -05:00
 - Summer (DST) EST (UTC+4)

Veromontz is a city in western Felixshire and eastern Tigress in the Autocratic States of Klaise. The city is along DS Creek, a major watershed in Klaise. The city was founded in 2010 as a camp and later, a house was built. Then in 2011, the Battle of Klaisenbourough triggered the November War, causing a fierce debacle between people who wanted to be part of the United States and people who wanted to be apart of Klaise. Later on, molotov cocktails were thrown and macronational forces charged three people with battery and assault and attempt of murder. Later that year, Vermontz became a city and florished ever since.


Speedway 2

Speedway 2 is a major route in Vermontz. The route serves as a main road for the city. In the outskirts of Vermontz in Tigress, the route is an at grade two lane route. At the junction of the Vermontz Orbital, the route changes into a four lane route with two lanes going each way for the right lane to serve at grade junctions turning to the right. This stretch of road is known as the Vermontz Expressway. The route then reaches Downtown on the Felixshire side of the city. The route is sunk down ten feet and stays as an expressway for 2000 feet until it reaches a forest and continues as an at grade two lane route into Ocelepolis.

Speedway 23

Speedway 23 is an orbital that orbits Vermontz. This route is known as the Vermontz Orbital. Because cities like Monomew, Ausshaffen and November are getting orbitals, Vermontz built an orbital that is 3000 feet long. The route by-passes Downtown Felixshire and connects the DS Parkway, Speedway 2 and South Vermontz together. The reason of this route is because the DS Parkway, Speedway 2 and the Speedway 23 junction in Felixshire don't have ramps but just merge. This by-pass is the busiest route in the city.