Republican Bloc (Roscamistan)

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Republican Bloc
Iarainn Poblachtach (Irish)
PresidentMatthew Tonna
LeaderThomas Jacobs
Founded1 December 2021 (as United Party)
21 May 2022 (as Republican Bloc)
Dissolved16 January 2023
Succeeded byUnited Front
Headquarters Greater Roscam
Youth wingYoung Roscami Movement
Membership (2022)15
IdeologyNational conservatism
Political catholicism
Right-wing nationalism
National liberalism
Political positionFiscal: Right-wing
Social: Far right
ReligionRoman Catholicism
National affiliationPatriot Coalition
International affiliationBlue-Shirt International (observer)
Slogan“United Together, under one banner”
2 / 9
Chamber of Representatives
9 / 16
Provincial Governments
6 / 11
Party flag

The party is a merger of the Roscamistan Freedom Party, Labour Party of Roscamistan and the Liberal Democratic Party

The Republican Bloc was a right-wing nationalist and ruling party in the Republic of Roscamistan from its foundation until its dissolution. The party was established as the United Party on 1 December 2021, and winning both the first presidential election and the legislative election held in the republic. The United Party would liquidate on 21 May 2022, and was renamed and replaced by the current iteration, the Republican Bloc.


As United Party

Beginning and success

Republican Bloc was founded as the United Party on 1 December 2021, after the mergers of the Socialist Labour, Freedom and Liberal Democratic Parties. Formed as a big tent unity party, the United Party was from December 2021 to February 2022, the only active party in the start. The party was originally led by Thomas Jacobs as Leader, whilst Doros Patusky served as party president.

The party was successful in the first presidential election, with party president Patusky winning with 50% of the vote. In April 2022, the party would win the first election to the Chamber of Representatives, winning 8 out of 16 seats.

Controversy and rebranding

On 11 May 2022, President Doros Patusky was removed from office by a coup initiated by Thomas Jacobs; Wojieck Nowak; Ali Farrokhzad; and later on Ludwig Collins, who removed Patusky from office on the grounds of inactivity and ineptitude in what would become known as the 11th of May Movement. Jacobs was made President for the third time, both Collins and Farrokhzad were appointed Vice Presidents, and the age of Patusky domination was ended.

In the May Political Crisis, the removal by the National Assembly of Junior Vice President Ali Farrokhzad in joint session marked the first time an executive official was removed from office by the legislature. In this, the United Party campaigned massively against the move, however in the end was unsuccessful. Due to the crisis, the party rebranded itself from the big tent United Party to the right wing Republican Bloc.

As Republican Bloc

Modern history and dissolution

The modern history of the party has seen it be the biggest party in all three legislative elections after the April 2022 one. It also had won multiple provincial elections, and a presidential election.

In the 16th January 2023 coup, the Republican Bloc was pivotal in the execution of the coup. After the coup instigators retreated following their initial retreat, most of Republican Bloc joined the Roscami Government in Exile. Ali Farrokhzad, designated acting President by Thomas Jacobs, dissolved all political parties in a reset, including Republican Bloc. After the return of the coup instigators a day later on the 17th, Republican Bloc was not re-registered, instead the United Front was founded.


The Republican Bloc left a long lasting impact on the nation, serving as a bastion for the conservative right wing of the nation, and also controlling the government for almost its entire existence. It also represented the last time the political establishment would be under a singular banner, until the Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front was founded.