Trependeryn Tripartite

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Trependeryn Tripartite
Potential primary member states of the Trependeryn Tripartite by macronation
Named afterTrependeryn, Gwladcoeden
PurposeGeopolitical and diplomatic alliance between Gwladcoeden and neighbouring states
3 primary states
2 secondary states
3 previously considered states

The Trependeryn Tripartite (erroneously: Trepederyn Tripartite, Trepanderyn Alliance; also named: Trependeryn Alliance, Trependeryn Quadripartite, Quadripartite Agreement) is a hypothetical geopolitical and diplomatic alliance consisting of the Republic of Gwladcoeden and neighbouring micronations, especially the Republic of Belcity and the Pinangese Republic. The idea is primarily attributed to former Pedraig Iacof ap Antoni and Llinos ap Gareth.


The Trependeryn Tripartite was conceived in a conversation between politicians Llinos ap Gareth, Iacof ap Antoni, SCHLYOPPA SCHLYOPPATOV, and Jack McLarnon. On 8 July 2021, after hearing that ap Gareth was kicked out of the GUM, SCHLYOPPATOV proposed 'Why don't we make are own. All the others seem dumb', ap Gareth agreed, and proposed the names 'Trepederyn League' and 'Trepederyn Alliance'; ap Antoni proposed the name 'Trependeryn Tripartite', which is the most popular name. The Trependeryn Tripartite was suggested by ap Antoni to include Gwladcoeden, the Principality of Caudonia, Republic of Elysium, and Belcity; ap Gareth suggested 'Pinang and maybe Ovrestlia'

On 16 July 2021, ap Gareth's Plaid Cymry promised to 'Enter relations with the Republic of Belcity, Republic of Pinang, and the Principality of Caudonia' and 'found the Trependeryn Alliance, an organisation for Gwladcoeden's allies' On 2 August 2021, after being elected, ap Gareth tabled a motion to 'Begin the drafting if potential treaties of friendship with the following nations [Aenopia, Belcity, and Pinang]' and 'Begin the drafting up of plans for a potential alliance (named: Trependeryn Quadripartite, alternatively named: Quadripartite Agreement) with these members.', it was approved by a 7-2 (7 ydws, 2 abstains) majority.

Potential members

Caudonia and Elysium

When the Tripartite was first devised, the Principality of Caudonia and Republic of Elysium were suggested as potential member states by Iacof ap Antoni. On 16 July 2021, Julia Hidalgo, a Caudonian stateswoman, challenged the legality of Gwladcoeden's declaration of independence; sparking a period of political tension between the two states. Caudonian membership was soon decided against; likewise, Elysiumite membership was also decided against after similar political tensions and lacking interest.

Interest in an alliance with Caudonia also diminished by the end of the month after the expression of lacking interest in Caudonia by members of the West Ministry. On 3 August 2021, ap Antoni declared that 'we never had any plans for establishing relations with Elysium in the first place', further stating that 'my main concern is formalising our relationships with Belcity, Pinang and Aenopia'


The Empire of Aenopia was a suggested member state by ap Antoni, and a part of Plaid Cymry's policy for foreign relations.

The first move to developing formal relations with Aenopia was on 4 June 2021, when ap Gareth approached Simon Reeve to propose the possibility of signing a treaty with Gwladcoeden; Ross proposed to create but ap Gareth declined, stating that 'We are currently awaiting a Parliament meeting to approve a treaty proposal to another ally at the moment' On 2 August 2021, when a motion to draft potential treaties with Aenopia (alongside Belcity and Pinang) was introduced by ap Gareth and was approved by a majority. On 19 August 2021, ap Antoni stated concerns that despite geopolitical interests, Aenopia 'seems quite dead from what I've seen of their discord' and that 'Gwladcoeden is a bustling metropolis in comparison' Both ap Antoni and ap Gareth agreed that Penzancia would be a better option to focus on for diplomatic relations and membership in the alliance.

As ap Antoni has been succeeded as Pendraig, it isn't clear how Gwladcoeden views Aenopian membership in the Trependeryn Tripartite; no action has been taken to draft a formal treaty.

Belcity and Pinang

The Republic of Belcity and Pinangese Republic, two states with good informal relations with Gwladcoeden in the past, were suggested potential member states by Llinos ap Gareth. As part of Plaid Cymry policy, ap Gareth intended to enter formal relations with Belcity and Pinang.

The first move to developing formal relations with the two states was on 2 August 2021, when a motion to draft potential treaties with Belcity and Pinang (alongside Aenopia) was introduced by ap Gareth and was approved by a majority. The Treaty of Trependeryn (a treaty of friendship between Gwladcoeden and Pinang) was submitted to the Senedd on 11 August 2021, and approved on 18 August 2021. The Treaty of Belcity was submitted to the Senedd on 14 September 2021, and is currently in the voting process.


The Empire of Ovrestlia was suggested as a potential member state by ap Gareth; they have not mentioned Ovrestlian membership since.


Iacof ap Antoni proposed building ties with Penzancia on 3 August 2021. Llinos ap Gareth soon voiced these opinions on 19 August 2021, after a discussion with Morwenna Fydtroust on potential formal relations; stating that 'I’m quite friendly with Morwenna, so relations will be quite warm as well.', that 'Penzancia are quite important as they’re closer to us [compared to Belcity]', and that 'If it is true than Aenöpia is quite inactive, we could put Penzancia in front and make them our third ally.' Iacof ap Antoni agreed, citing their activity, but also worried about their stability.

Llinos ap Gareth tabled a motion to 'Begin the drafting of a potential treaty of friendship with Penzancia' on 1 September 2021, citing geopolitical interests and good informal relations. The motion was accepted by the Senedd on 7 September 2021.