Socialist Union Defense Forces

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Socialist Union Defense Forces

Flag of the SUNP
Active 2010–present
Country SUNP
Role Joint Force
Motto »Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori«
Anniversaries August 12
December 31
January 31
Cmdr-in-Chief       Mark Dresner
Adjutant-in-Chief Mark Meehan
Military age 10 (NCD[1])
16 (CD[2])
Active troops 10
Reserve troops 18
Total Personnel 28
Vehicles ~20
Firearms ~40
Missiles ~80

The Socialist Union Defense Forces is the term for the military organisation of the Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia. It is responsible for the defense of the Union from aggression. The SUDF consists of three forces: The SUDF Land Force, The SUDF Naval Force and the SUDF Air Force. It is the result of the amalgamation of the Nemkhav Defence Forces and the Defense Forces of Pristinia following the January 31 union.

The Commander-in-Chief of the SUDF is Field Marshal Mark Dresner, while the Adjutant-in-Chief is Field Marshal Mark Meehan.


The SUDF was formed on the 31st of January 2010, following the Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia into one micronation.[3] The military organisations of both nations, the Nemkhav Defence Forces and the Defense Forces of Pristinia were then combined into one force, with officers from both nations taking up positions in the new organisation. Former leader of the SFR Nemkhavia, Sir Mark Meehan was appointed as the new Force's Adjutant-in-Chief.


SUDF Central Command

The SUDF Central Command consists of the highest ranking officers in the SUDF. It is located in the SUDF building on People's Square 4, Nova City.

SUDF Land Force

The SUDF Land Force is currently the largest branch of the Defense Forces. It is charged with the defense of the Socialist Union on land. Among the duties of the Land Forces are the protection of the President, Mark Dresner and other Government officials. It is equipped to the best of the Government's ability and stands ready at all times. Former units of the Nemkhav Citizen Army and the Defense Forces of Pristinia make up a number of the current personnel in the Land Force.

The Land Force is currently equipped with several airsoft weapons and blunt weapons, such as baseball bats. It has a limited number of elementarily armoured vehicles, and is keeping a fund to purchase a properly armoured vehicle.

SUDF Naval Force

The SUDF Naval Force is the branch of the Defense Forces with responsibility for the Naval protection of the Union. It is not as well developed as the Land Force, but is undergoing a review to make it as effective as possible. Currently the Navy possesses a few motor-propelled rubber boats, several remote controlled boats with onboard mounted surveillance devices, and a very basic remote controlled model aircraft carrier.

SUDF Air Force

The SUDF Air Force is the branch of the Defense Foces with responsibility for the airborne defense of Union territories. A number of model airplanes (around 25) are at the disposal of the Air Force. It also possesses Blow Gun missiles and Firework missiles.

SUDF Task Forces

An SUDF Task Force is a body of troops taken from all three Forces which is designated a task. Troops are taken from each different service as the task demands, and the troops operate together as one unit, Soldiers, Airmen and Seamen combined. There are currently four task forces.

Task Force One - White Doves

Task Force One is the flagship task force of the SUDF. It's mission is designated as Peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. In a state of national emergency, during a period of very bad weather, TF-1 would be called up to ensure the people are looked after, working alongside the police. It is currently under the command of Colonel John Gardner-Hammersmith.

Task Force Two - The Red Guard

Task Force Two is the force charged with the defence of the President and his immediate associates. It is seen as one of the elite forces of the SUDF, only allowing candidates showing considerable loyalty and military prowess to take up position with the unit. It is currently under the command of the Defence Force's first female senior officer, Colonel Ann-Sophie Myers.

Task Force Three - Homeland Holders

The vast majority of the members of the SUDF are assigned to TF-3. The Homeland Holders are charged with the defense of the SU. Soldiers in this Unit are organised a local level to ensure that they can carry out the optimum level of defense. The current commander of this force is Colonel Paul Drivemont.

Task Force Four - The Vanguard

The Vanguard is the name given to TF-4, which is a classified Task Force. Little is known to the greater public about this force, as its nature is kept a close secret by the military.


Flag officers - Flaggoffiziere
Field Marshal
Line officers - Offiziere
Non-commissioned officers - Unteroffiziere


  1. Non-Combat Duty
  2. Combat Duty
  3. Newsfeed: January 31, 2010; 10:52 UTC