Awards and decorations of the SUNP

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This page lists the Awards and decorations of the Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia in a descending order.

Civilian Decorations

  • Order of the People
  • Hero of the Socialist Union
  • Order of the Red Star
  • Order of the Red Banner
  • Order of the Chevron / Order of the Wreath
  • Iron Star
  • People's Citation

Military Decorations

  • Command Citation
  • Medal of Honour
  • Order of Excellence
  • Medal of Valour
  • Order of the Union
  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Good Conduct Medal
  • 5 Year Service Bar
  • 2 Year Service Bar
  • 1 Year Service Bar
  • 6 Month Service Bar
  • 3 Month Service Bar
  • 1 Month Service Bar