Theodore DuRuisseau

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Theodore James DuRuisseau

Theodor Jakob DuRuisseau
Flag of the SUNP
1st Minister of Propaganda of the SUNP
Instated to office
January 31, 2010
President Mark Dresner
Gen. Sec. of State Mark Meehan
Chf of Mstrl. Staff Stefan Anjacka
Predecessor Office established
1st Director of the GNS
Instated to office
January 31, 2010
Minister of Culture Mark Dresner
Mnstr of the Media Himself
Predecessor Office established
1st Administrator of the PRG
Instated to office
January 31, 2010
Min. Int.
Cdr-in-Chief Mark Dresner
Superintendent Paul Drivemont
Predecessor Office Established
Personal information
Born 27 August 1985 (1985-08-27) (age 38)
Birth name Theodore Jacque du Ruisseau
Citizenship SUNP
Nationality French
Ethnicity French
Political party LLL
Domestic partner Frances DuRuisseau
Residence Nova City
Occupation Doctor
Profession Neuropsychology
Cabinet Mark Dresner (1)