People's Academy of Pristinia

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People's Academy of Pristinia
Type: State
Establishment: 1 January 2010
Founder: Mark Dresner
Dean: Mark Dresner

The People's Academy of Pristinia was a non-accredited institute of higher learning situated in the United Federation of Socialist Micronations, until it was disestablished.


Degrees are given out by the university for special achievements or display of knowledge in the designated area, and it is prohibited for the university to give out titles to a person who has donated an ever so small amount of money within the past ten years before recieving the titles, and the title is also voided should any amount of money be donated within ten years after recieving the title.

All degree holders are informed that using the degrees and titles formally within the jurisdiction of other nations is illegal and may lead to harsh prosecution. This is because the title system is largely identical with that of macronations:

  • Bachelor – "BX"
  • Master – "MX"
  • Doctor – "XD"

People with an academic degree are styled in the fashion of "[Name], [Degree]", so a Doctor of Microjuristics named John Doe would be "John Doe, MLLD". Available subjects are:

  • Micronationalism (Mn) – Micronationalism in General
  • Micropatriology (Mp) – The scientific study of micronations
  • Microjuristics (MLL) – Micronational Law
  • Microculture Studies (MCS) – Micronational Cultures and the scientific study thereof
  • Micropolitics (Pol) – Politics in Micronationalism, especially political phenomena and micronational-only political ideologies.


The first awardees were announced on Friday, 2 January 2010.