Corin Sterask

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Corin Sterask
Personal information
Born: October 31, 1989
Macronationality: N/A
Micronationality Nemkhav
Political party Independent
Religion: Neopagan

Corin Sterask is one of the most infamous figures in the history of Nemkhavia to date. Formerly the 'Master of the Library' of the Old Palace, Astor Impora, he was implicated in a plot in late 2009 to overthrow the legitimate Government of Nemkhavia and establish a totalitarian state. It is unknown when his loyalty to the Nemkhav state and it's leader faltered, but it is known that he is now Meehan's complete opposite. After being expelled from Nemkhavia, he maintained his opposition to the Government of his former nation.


Book Master Sterask was among the first people to join Nemkhavia when it was founded. His talent at memorising folklore and writing ensured that he remained at the core of the new nation, helping to outline it's folklore. He was the Master of the Library, which meant that he was one of the highest authorities on the subject of Nemkhav history, the second most learned person after the nation's founder himself.

When the Kingdom of Nemkhavia was founded, Sterask was re-appointed to his post to ensure his work would continue. Unbeknownst to the newlt crowned King and his associates, the Book Master was plotting in secret to overthrow them. Together with a group of like minded individuals, he began to draw up a plan to oust Meehan and take power himself.

In what became known as the November Plot or the Conservative Plot, Sterask and his associates sought to do the following:

  1. Blacken the name of the King with lies and propaganda.
  2. Using the same means, paint the new Royal Regime as undemocratic and despotic.
  3. If the above succeeded, Sterask would offer himself as a new leader and request emergency powers from the Government
  4. He would then use these powers to oust Meehan and his associates, clearing the Nemkhav Leadership of his enemies
  5. Sterask would then establish a totalitarian state with himself as supreme leader.

Nemkhavia was in crisis at the time, as the question of the nature of the state was asked again and again. While presenting himself as a supporter of Meehan, Sterask put forward the idea of a monarchy, based on the ancient monarchies of Nemkhav history. The people voted and accepted this, and the Kingdom was formed. As soon as this was complete, Sterask had the first step complete.

The plan was put into action with an organised walk-out by Sterask and his associates (what was known then as the Conservative Faction) during the Palace Conference, which had orgininally been taking place to decide an issue of local government in the new Kingdom. The King and his faction took this as a massive insult. After he left, the Conference collapsed.

Soon after this, Sterask and his associates moved into action. They prepared to carry out their plan as the King put forward the plan for the Vote on the Nemkhav Nation 2009. But, a crucial tip off to the National Police caused the plan to be unravelled.

In early December, the National Police began investigating what was known only as a 'plot versus the nation'. Documents were recovered in Astor Impora that pointed to an imminent threat to the Government. The Police acted accordingly, and began aggresive investigations to work out who was planning such things. Cruicially, a dossier laying out the plan had been inadvertently left to one side by one of the Conservative Faction. It was picked up during the investigation. Once it was made certain that Sterask was involved in the plot, the Police informed the The King who ordered arrests to be carried out. Sterask and his associates were arrested.

Sterask was tried and found guilty of Treason and Crimes versus the state. He was tried in a Nemkhav court, presided over by Mark Meehan, the newly elected President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia. In a symbolic gesture, Comrade Colonel Ben Pzacman turned his back on the Book Master as he was expelled from the nation.

Since then, Sterask has lived in exile. He has always been vocal about the leadership of Nemkhavia.

The Free Nemkhav Faction

The Free Nemkhav Faction is the political group currently lead by Sterask, which is very vocal on the subject of the Nemkhav nation. It was visciously opposed to the entry of Nemkhavia into any kind of connection to another state, and though Sterask is now a citizen of the Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia, he very much opposes the union, citing it as 'an insult to Nemkhav independent history'.