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The Palace Conference is the name for a series of meetings which took place in the Royal Palace, Nemkhavia in early December 2009. The Conference was called to decide the future of micronations from the local area which had fallen into inactivity and disbanded. King Marka felt that such a collapse of creativity was a sad thing, and began to work towards the re-creation of the micronations.

The Conference - Overview

December 5th

The Conference began on the 5th of December, with the King inviting members of the micronational community to meet with him in Astor Impora. Various local scholars were on hand, and together all present began to discuss the old micronations. Many old documents were unearthed, old flags and Government files were laid out. The leaders of all the old micronations had long since left micronationalism, so the issue of new leaders had to be addressed.

December 7th

By December seventh, the scholars and thinkers present had settled upon three defunct micronations that could brought back to life: Urkhavsk, Novomir-Bergspitze and New Lordaeron, a former Province of the Nemkhav Federation. Urkhavsk was a micronation directly related to Nemkhavia in terms of culture and language, while Novomir-Bergspitze is Germanic.

December 9th

With the micronations of Urkhavsk, Novomir-Bergspitze and New Lordaeron decided on, the issue of how to rule them and where they would be situated was brought forward. The original lands of the first two are long lost, while New Lordaeron would remain a city-state with Astor Impora. Scholars suggested two solutions for the question of leadership:

  1. Open an offer to the micronational world for candidates to rule the nations in a Union with Nemkhavia
  2. Enter the nations into a Union with Nemkhavia, with The King as a ruler of all three

December 11th

The Nemkhav Government decided to revive Urkhavsk as the 'Principality of Urkhavsk', Novomir-Bergspitze as 'The Duchy of Novomir-Bergspitze' and New Lordaeron as 'The New Lordaeron City State'. The King decided that New Lordaeron would be ruled directly by the Nemkhav Government, as it had already had a long history within the nation.

The members of the Conference decided to open the offer to rule the Principality and the Duchy to the micronational community.

December 12th

On the morning of December 12, arguments broke out in the main chamber of the Palace as monarchist and socialist factions began debating Nemkhavia. This was unexpected, as the talks had been called to work out the future of other nations. The arguments reached such ferocity that The King, who had remained silent, was forced to call a halt to the talks. The two scholars at the centre of the arguments left, bringing the others with them. The King and the remaining members of the Government, including his brother, the General Prince Evska, stayed behind and began to ponder where to move from there.