New Lordaeron Autonomous Province

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New Lordaeron Autonomous Province
Cúige Féinrialaithe Loírdáran
Cuilac Fenrijla Lordaerona
Motto: Democracy, Brotherhood, Peace
Official language(s) English, Irish, Nemkhav
Capital New Stratholme
Date founded September 7, 2009
Demonym Lordaer
Currency Nemkhav Pound (Pegged to the Euro)
Government Autonomous Province
Governor General (ret.) E. Mejakhansk
Prime Minister Position Open
National Holidays Founding Day (July 31), Lordaeron Day (September 7th)
Timezone UTC

The New Lordaeron Autonomous Province was an Autonomous Province of the first Nemkhav Federation. It was small province, completely surrounded by the Central Nemkhav Autonomous Republic. It was a virtual and territorial micronation which existed in it's own right as a Federal Subject of the Federation. It existed as the home of the exiled Lordaer people, under the leadership of its Governer, General E. Mejakhansk.