Defense Forces of Pristinia

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Defense Forces of Pristinia
Active 2009–present
Country Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia
Role Joint force
Size 13
Motto United We Stand
Anniversaries 31st December
Engagements None
Mark Dresner

The Defense Forces of Pristinia are the joint military forces of Pristinia, founded on 31 December 2009 for the protection of the newly founded Autonomous Socialist Republic of Pristinia.



Here a list of the Forces' ranks and what function their holders normally have.

  • Commander-in-Chief of the Forces – The President of the ASR Pristinia holds this position and is instated into it the moment he is elected and confirmed.
  • General – A General with command over a momentarily defined proportion of the forces.
    • General of the Troops – A General with command over troop movements along the entire frontline.
    • General of Strategy and Tactics – A General with supremity over battlefield planning.
  • Colonel – Leader of a momentarily assigned legion of four people.
  • Major – More or less the assistant of the Colonel.
  • Seargent – Leader of a momentarily assigned division of two people.
  • Recruit – Footsoldier with no command capabilities.

Defcon Status

Notable members