Autonomous Socialist Republic of Pristinia

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Autonomous Socialist Republic of Pristinia
Flag of the ASR Pristinia.png
Laurel wreath.gif
Coat of arms
Motto: Ex libertas, pax
(prla: From liberty, peace)
Anthem: —
CapitalLinden Valley
Largest cityNova City
Official languagesEnglish, Pristinian Latin, French, German, Irish, Nemkhav, Ripuarian
GovernmentDresnerist State
• - President
Marco Dresner
Marco Dresner
• - Chancellor
Marco Dresner
LegislaturePeople's Council
People's Senate
EstablishmentDecember 29 2009
• Census
+900k territorial residents
22 citizens
Time zoneUTC+1

The Autonomous Socialist Republic of Pristinia (prla: Republica Socialistica Autonomicum Pristiniensis; fr: Republique Autonome Socialiste du Pristinia; de:Autonome Sozialistische Republik Pristinia; ga: Pobhlacht Féinrialaithe Sóisíalach Pristíngha, nkh: Pobhlac Sosijala Fenrijla Pristinija, ksh: Unaffhängije unn Sozjalistische Reppeblick Pristinnije) is an autonomous Republic of the Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia.


Pristinian territory within Germany.png

Pristinia claims several areas throughout the world. Its capital, resident city of the founder Mark Dresner, of the former Emperor Frederic I of Pristinia, and in proximity to most citizens, is probably the most important location in the entire ASR.

In southern Germany, Pristinia occupies the territory of what was formerly known as Tegernsee, now Tiogreham (TYE-ee-ram). It is a very idyllic area, with pre-alpine mountains, forests, and, of course Lake Tiogre (TYE-gruh). Places there include among others Montdryth, Egerchurch, Baymore, Rottack Manor, Glennmouth and Whitelake.

Apart from its German locations, the ASR is also present in places that formerly belonged to the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Norway.



Date Name
1 January New Year's Day
1 February Election Day
48 days before Easter Merry Monday
46 days before Easter Ash Wednesday
1 March Pristinian New Year
22 April Foundation Day
1 May Day of the People
Walpurga's Day
Varying Easter
1st Monday after Easter Easter Monday
25 May Geek Pride Day
6 June Micronationalism Day
1 September Autumn Day
19 September Pristinian Thanksgiving
1 November Samhain
30 November Abdication Day
6 December St. Nicholas Day
Commonwealth Day
24 December Christmas
29 December Renaissance Day


Pristinia has several symbols, including:

Flag of the ASR Pristinia.png

ASR Pristinia