President of the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Pristinia

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The President of the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Pristinia is the highest office in Pristinia. The President is one of the three offices granting the right to a seat in the People's Senate. This office also grants several rights, titles and positions to its holder, as listed below:


The President's full title, assuming he has received no other honours, is as follows:

The Utmost Eminent and Venerable Comrade President John Doe, Mayor of Linden Valley, Protector of Freedom, Justice, Equality and Peace, Governor of Buffalo Island, Supreme Judge, Ambassador-at-Large extraordinary and plenipotentiary, and Supreme Commander-in Chief of the Defense Forces of the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Pristinia

In verbal address, the President is referred to as "Comrade".


Chairman of the People's Senate

The President is the Chairman of the People's Senate of Pristinia.

Mayor of Linden Valley

He is also automatically the Mayor of Linden Valley, District of Nova.

Supreme Judge

Apart from being the head of the Officiary Executive system, the President is the head of the Judiciary system.

Supreme Commander-in-Chief

Furthermore, he is the head of the Active Executive system, and, altogether, these systems are referred to as the Active system.

Ambassador-a.-L. e.&p.

Also, the office of President grants the position of the Lead Ambassador/Minister of Foreign affairs.

Governor of Buffalo Island

The office of Governor of Buffalo Island is merely honorary, considering the fact that Buffalo Island is uninhabited and there is thus not much to govern.

Rights & Privileges

As President, the holder is allowed to excercise eminent domain (i.e. expropriation) of any territory or object for any purpose whatsoever. He may also represent the nation in speeches and such. Furthermore, he has the right to appoint a successor should he wish to resign, and this successor may then fill this positionuntil the end of the resigned President's term, i.e. until after the next General Elections.

As Chairman, the holder may call session attendees of the People's Senate to order. He may also expel session attendees from the session should they repeatedly disturb the session.

As Mayor of Linden Valley, the holder may overlook the city's activities, and make any decisions about budget spending and similar communal activities, like a normal Mayor may do.

As Supreme Judge, the holder may arrest and convict any citizen so long as he gives a sensible reason and does not act against any law or the constitution.

As Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the holder may command the army, and control its movements, activities and spending and issue an order to any Defense Force commissioned, non-commissioned and enlisted officer, as long as it is within the boundaries of reasonability.

As Ambassador-at-Large extraordinary and plenipotentiary, the President is the sole person entitled to manage Pristinian Foreign and Public relations, and may represent the nation in Organisations and to sign treaties. He may, if he wishes to do so, issue the right of managing Public relations (i.e. web presence, MicroWiki etc.) to others as well.