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Dresnerism was Mark Dresner's own interpretation of communism and the ideology used in its Autonomous Socialist Republic of Pristinia, until its collapse.


  • Liberty: Dresnerists believe that the only true execution of Communism and Democracy included absolute liberty of the People and adherence to Human Rights of the State. Thus, the freedom of speech, press and movement and other liberties and Human Rights were in full effect in the ASR Pristinia.
  • Plebiscites: Dresnerists thought that the People need not be represented in their decision, but rather decide themselves on the most possible occasions. Thus, in Dresnerism, while parliament proposed laws, the People voted on those laws. That way, it was ensured that there weren't be any despotism or rule against the People in any Dresnerist State.
  • Basic Income: Basic Income, i.e. a regular amount of wealth flowing to the People (regardless of age, sex, etc.) to ensure that they didn't live in poverty has been widely discussed among the followers of many leftist or centre-left ideologies. This was also a Dresnerist proposal, however, due to the Absence of Currency, the People weren't given money, but accommodation, food, drink and luxury goods instead.
  • Absence of Currency
  • National Pride
  • Individuality
  • Enthusiasm
  • Equality before the Law
  • Hedonism
  • Advancement of Mind