Progressive Party (Silofais)

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Progressive Party of Silofais
LeaderCaleb F.
Deputy LeaderCody M.
FounderCaleb F.
FoundedMay 12, 2017 (pre-2RC)
Aug 26 (post-2RC)
Preceded byPeople's Party
Colors  Red
Affiliated Delegates
3 / 9

The Progressive Party of Silofais is one of two current political parties in the Republic of Silofais, the other being the Unity and Progress Party.

It was founded by Caleb F. in May 2017, but merged the same day with its predessor the People's Party of Silofais; following the latter's dissolution after the second Ratification Convention, it was reformed by Caleb and his deputy, Cody M. The Chairman of the former Silofais People's Party, David Ross, later joined the party in September, 2017.

Though the party insists on its recognition, its membership is too small to be registered under Silofaisan law. Thus, at the moment, it cannot formally endorse candidates or be put on the ballot.