San Francisco Bay (song)

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"San Francisco Bay"
Cover of the original single release.
Background information
Released1 February 2019
Recorded31 January 2019-1 February 2019,
Uvenian Studios
GenreClassical rock • Surf rock
LabelIkonian Broadcasting
Producer(s)Cameron Koehler
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"San Francisco Bay"

"San Francisco Bay" is a song by the English band Nationality. The single is the first song released by the band since its conception.

"San Francisco Bay" was released on Soundcloud on 1 February 2019 after several hours by record label Ikonian Broadcasting and finalization of production, once again operated chiefly by Producer Cameron Koehler.


San Francisco Bay was formed in a discord call with both band members who were producing the track in FL Studio 12.

They later decided on a surf rock type song, and used certain drums, guitars, and other instruments to form the song.

The song was finalized in Uvenia, and was sent on to publicity on Soundcloud, and more.

Critical reception

On 4 April 2019, an anonymous reviewer from the Empire of Arkonia released a review of all four of Nationality's releases, including San Francisco Bay. They said "it seems as well as you would expect for the first song from a group" and that the "beats are good". They also said that they wished that the drums were a bit louder and more 'separated' from the rest of the instruments".[1]


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