Princian Commonwealth

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Princian Commonwealth
Cymanwlad Prinsiaidd (Welsh)
⟜∩¦〜⊏¦П〜o⊏⊸⋀⋀⊸〜VѲП꜔+X (Denfray)
Mancomunidad Príncipiano (Spanish)
Seal of Princian Commonwealth
Motto: "serve medium dico verum"
("serve the public, tell the truth")
Anthem: "What You Know"

Coat of arms
Location of Princian claims on Great Britain. Blue: all home provinces and Parvusmount; red: Allisterloo; yellow: the Soeds; and green: Stonne.
Location of Princian claims on Great Britain.
Blue: all home provinces and Parvusmount; red: Allisterloo; yellow: the Soeds; and green: Stonne.
CapitalRubykaal, the City of Warterby, Cathairo-Pempire
Official languagesEnglish (nationally)
Recognised regional languagesWelsh (in the Soeds),
Spanish (in Devergate)
Atheism (nationally),
Catholicism (in Parvusmount)
GovernmentPrince's Order
• Prince
  Joshua I
LegislatureElectoral Legislature (mostly)
House of Lordministers
House of Ministers
very high
CurrencyRoyal dramme (DRM)
Time zoneUTC+0:45,-0:15 (RPST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
IMSO 1 codePRN
Internet TLD.gpr (proposed)

Princia (Denfray: ⟜∩¦〜⊏¦П; Welsh: Prinsia; Spanish: Príncipia), officially the Princian Commonwealth (Denfray: ⟜∩¦〜⊏¦П〜o⊏⊸⋀⋀⊸〜VѲП꜔+X; Welsh: Cymanwlad Prinsiaidd; Spanish: Mancomunidad Príncipiano) and formerly but still sometimes known as Greater Princia, is a semi-constitutional elective-principality made up of seven constituent provinces: Addersonheath, Cathairo-Pempire, Southopearce, the Soeds, Stonne, Allisterloo and Parvusmount. The previous organisation of Princia was that of a confederation of countries (although most "countries" were colonies with little self-government) which are now known as provinces following extensive centralisation and the conversion of Princia to a unitary state. The Princian Commonwealth's alpha-3 country-code is PRN (IMSO 1 and RIS 002) and its alpha-2 country-codes are PC (RIS 002) and PR (IMSO 1). Princia's former country-codes were GPR (alpha-3) and GP (alpha-2) when the nation was commonly known as Greater Princia, with the former alpha-3 code surviving in Princia's continued proposal for a ".gpr" internet top-level domain.

Princia as a nation (known externally as a micronation) has existed in many forms since as far back as June 2017, adding its first page to the MicroNations Fandom (then known as MicroNations Wikia or MicroWikia) on 14 January 2018 and starting its transition to MicroWiki on 22 November 2021. The Princian Commonwealth is described by its government, the Prince's Order, as a progressive liberal democracy with extensive state-ownership inside the framework of a market economy – maintaining a large but significantly devolved public sector (through the Dee, Penroe-Louçade and Filorux state-owned enterprises), making private enterprise a rarity in the face of public sector competition although it is legally permitted.


The word Princia is a back-formation from the demonym Princian which came from the country's predecessor, the United Principality of Merseyside & Cheshire, deriving its demonym from the form of government (principality) the same way as Emirati for the United Arab Emirates. As an example, if the UAE had undergone the same back-formation from the demonym its name would be Emiratia or Emiria.


The Princian Commonwealth is a unitary provincial union made up of seven constituent provinces:

Arms Flag Band identifier Name Abrv. Type Leader (party)
(ES: Addánezbrezo)
AD Home
Cathairo-Pempire CP  PPS 
Southopearce ST  PPS 
The Soeds
(CY: y Sôydau)
SO or
Isles of Stonne SN  UDP 
Parvusmount PV Self-determined
Allisterloo AL Union


Provinces are able to enter into alliances with each other, these are known as prefectures. Provinces can join, leave or create any prefecture; with each member-province of a prefecture casting a vote to elect a prefect to act as a mediator between the members' relations. The current prefectures are listed below:

Prefecture Member provinces
Home Brigade  Addersonheath
New Cambria  The Soeds
Fidelia  Southopearce

Autonomous areas

All provinces and protectorates of Princia can contain areas within them (bar Parvusmount and Stonne due to their existing provincial autonomy being similar to that of areas themselves). Areas are autonomous regions with their own government and separate elections as well as unitary ones. Princia's current areas are listed below:

Area Flag Government Province
Brikkadia  UDP   Addersonheath
Dashgamo Harbour  PPS   Allisterloo
City of Warterby  PPS   Cathairo-Pempire
Cities of Devergate  Addersonheath



Entity Flag Position
Apachan Pact Member

Formal relations

Nation Flag

Treaties signed

Treaty Image

De jure relations de facto inactive

Nation Flag
Republic of New Rizalia
Nottingham Empire
Vlasynian Despotate
Republic of Apachiland
Kingdom of United Counties
Kingdom of Ikonia


National holidays

Unlike most micronations, Princia does not celebrate its independence day, nor does it have a prescribed "national day." The holiday most similar to a national day for Princia is Filorux Day, on 25 September.


Only one language currently holds official status nationwide in Princia, English, meaning it must be prioritised on any and all signage. Other languages hold official status (meaning both languages must be placed on "equal footing") in some subdivisions of Princia; such as Welsh in the Soeds due to its location in Wales, and Spanish in the Devergate Area (effective since 15 February 2023) due to its sizeable Spanish-speaking population. In Parvusmount, Latin is also an official language, however this such law does not mandate an "equal footing" with English – thus in practice Latin is rarely used in neither official nor informal contexts and is not listed as an official or recognised regional language of Princia as a whole.



The climate of the Princian Commonwealth is a maritime climate and is classed as Cfb in the Köppen climate classification.


The Princian Commonwealth uses Princian Wenter Time (UTC-0:15) from the last Sunday in October to the last Sunday in March, for the rest of the year Princia uses Princian Sumor Time (UTC+0:45). Together these are known as Royal Princian Standard Time.

Schematic table

For a completely up-to-date schematic table of geographical subdivisions and their area codes, click here