Order of the Ruthenian Eagle

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Order of the Ruthenian Eagle
Order of the Royal House
Awarded by
Coat of arms ruthenia.png
the King of the Ruthenians
TypeHouse Order
EligibilityAt the monarch's pleasure
Awarded forcelebrate the coronation of Oscar I
Established13 December 2014
First awarded13 December 2014
Last awarded13 December 2014
Total awarded01
Next (higher)none
Next (lower)Order of St. Stephen
RelatedOrder of the Edelweiss
Ribbon of the order

The Order of the Ruthenian Eagle (Portuguese: Ordem da Águia Rutena) was a chivalric order created by King Oscar I of Ruthenia to commemorate the ascension of his dynasty to the throne. It was created on 13 December 2014 and it was the highest order in the Kingdom of Ruthenia. The Order is worn only by the King of Ruthenia and by his Crown Prince (when of majority).

First version of the Order of the Ruthenian Eagle.

Created almost a month after the creation of the country, it was one of the oldest orders of Ruthenia and had two current styles. The first version featured golden eagles and wreaths of intertwined laurels, which ended in an Order star pendant. The second version had its design inspired by the Order of Saint Andrew, the famous Russian award.

The Order of the Ruthenian Eagle was inspired by the Order of St. Prince Lazar of Serbia in its endowment requirements, while the name of the order, in order to also make a reference to the national symbol of Ruthenia, can also be a tribute to the Order of the Black Eagle.

After the creation of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire, it remained as the highest order of the Empire, until the creation of the Order of the Edelweiss. It was then declared extinct.


    1. Ruhtenian flag.png His Royal Majesty, King Oscar of Ruthenia (2014).

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