Council of State (Ruthenia)

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Council of State

Conselho de Estado
Upper House

The Council of State of Ruthenia is a legislative body that represents the upper house of the Legislative Power in the Kingdom of Ruthenia and consists of members appointed by the King. The members of the Council of State may be replaced by a new member by a decree of the King. The Council of State possess equal rights in legislative matters as the General Assembly, but assume the position of consultive body of the King, as well.

The Council of State are authorized to initiate legislative proposals according to the procedures they have established in order to enact new laws and to repeal and modify existing laws, with the exception of the Fundamental State Laws that are subject to revision solely upon the initiative of the Sovereign. It is also authorized to interpellate, according to procedures they have established, ministers and chief administrators of various departments under the legal jurisdiction of the Council of State, concerning actions taken by them or subordinate persons and agencies, which seem to be unlawful.

Current composition

# Picture Name Term start Term end Political Party
D. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer January 31, 2015 incumbent none

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