Foreign relations of Ruthenia

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Coat of Arms of the Ministry
Ministry overview
Formed 19 November 2014
Jurisdiction Kingdom of Ruthenia
Headquarters Persenburg
Employees 3
Minister responsible Nicolas Grangier, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Official Website

The diplomatic foreign relations of the Kingdom of Ruthenia are implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The King and the Chancellor play a role in setting policy, and the Minister have a voice and are the one who develop this policy. Since its founding, the Kingdom of Ruthenia and his government pays special attention to foreign affairs. One of the first ministries of government was precisely the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was founded on the same day that the kingdom. Diplomatic relations are conducted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but the leadership of Foreign Affairs is in practice, led by His Royal Majesty, the King. Ruthenia monthly recognizes several micronations around the world, maintaining cordial relations with everyone and accounting for only four international incidents, only two of whom suffered from more serious action by the government.

Nations with which Ruthenia has signed a Treaty of Mutual Recognition

  1. REDIRECT Template:Country data Principality of Campinia,, since 14 February 2016.

Nations that are part of the Kingdom of Ruthenia

Nations that were part of the Kingdom of Ruthenia

Nations with which the Ruthenia has informal relations

Nations with which the Ruthenia has diplomatic incidents

  • Sanjakistan Flag today.png Theocracy of Suladar, since 12 August 2015, due to the plagiarism of Ruthenian Government page.[4][5][6]
  • Kingdom Ahania Flag.jpg Kingdom of Ahania, since 22 October 2015, due to the plagiarism and fraud against the Ruthenian Government micronational project.[7][8]
  • Noflag.png United Plebian Federation of Daljam, since 08 February 2016, due to threats to the Ruthenian Government.[9][10][11]

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