Munkkian munkkoin

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Official users10965781 641123162660669 1107571456 n.jpg Munkkia
Pegged toDKK
Banknotes5MNK, 10MNK, 20MNK, 50MNK, 100MNK
Central bankThe National Bank of Munkkia
PrinterThe National Bank of Munkkia
MintThe National Bank of Munkkia

Munkkoin is the official currency of Munkkia. Munkkoin is a fiat currency. Munkkoin is printed exclusively as banknotes. There are several printed and circulating banknotes.

2015 Munkkoin

Image Value Main colour Description
5munkkoinfront.jpg 5 Munkkoin Brown
10munkkoinfront.jpg 10 Munkkoin Yellow
20munkkoinfront.jpg 20 Munkkoin Green
50munkkoinfront.jpg 50 Munkkoin Red
100munkkoinfront.jpg 100 Munkkoin Light blue